I have created this page to help document the build of my 1971 Chevelle SS Clone. The car is currently In The final stages of paint and I am hoping to start re-assembling the car by the end of next week. The guys over at memorial collision center have really done a creat job getting the body lines perfect, as well as fixing the minor imperfections in the body of the car. 

Once I get the car back I will start putting on all of the new parts that I have purchsed(www.ss396.com) or recieved as christmas presents.
-new mirrors,
-new window and door moldings
-new SS badges and Chevelle emblems
-new door handles
-new leather seats
-all new chrome
-and a new lock set
7/11/2012 04:41:32 pm

Google linked me to this page, nice reading

Mark Demko
2/9/2013 07:31:04 pm

Very sharp '71 Chevelle! What color is that? It looks like a charcoal/dark blue color on my monitor. The Chevy rallye wheels look ALOT better than the ones that were on the car when you bought it. Nice interior, is that vinyl or leather?

2/10/2013 09:36:12 pm


Thanks for the compliment. You are right the color is a dark blue, it is a 2012 Corvette color called Super Sonic Blue Metalic. I had my paint shop add extra metel flake to both the blue and the silver racing stripes. The interior is new leather with the back seat side panels also coverd in leather. Helps give the car and updated look.

Currently I am working on relocating the batery and boxing in the trunk. Updated Pictrues will be posted soon.

What year car are you working on?


2/10/2013 09:45:40 pm

It's been a while since I have posted any updates to the site. Since I got the car back from paint and finished putting it all back together I've been enjoying cuising it around on the weekends. It hasnt really change much untill recently the ignition switch went out. This simple fix obviously grew into a lot bigger project. Now I have an excusse to start rebuilding the motor.

Over the weekend I started the process by relocating the batery to the trunk. I did this because I read that it helps redistribute the weight as well as will give me some room under the bood for a custom fold air intake if i decide to go that rout.

I thnk I will pull the motor in a few weeks once I get some final plans in place as to what I am going to build. I will post updated pictures soon.

Thank you for the comments. Please let me know how you found my site as I am always interested in getting more feedback on my car.



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    Kyle Lutz

    I started this site to help document my first Chevelle build. I have posted pictures of the car, as well as vendors who have helped me through out the project. Please leave Feedback or ask questions. Thanks.


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